Tangoubukan to Host 2017 NCNF Spring Seminar

The Tangoubukan will host the 2017 Northern California Spring Seminar and Tanaka Sensei Memorial Embu on May 20, 2017. The one-day event continues an decades old tradition begun under the late Miyako Tanaka Price, the founder of the NCNF, of providing broad, yet deep training for locals interested in furthering or learning about the art of Naginata. 

It is open to all NCNF members as well as anyone in the public who is curious about learning about this traditional martial art.

Overall details are as follows:

WHAT: 2017 NCNF Spring Seminar and Miyako Tanaka Sensei Memorial Embu
WHEN: May 20, 2017, 1030am to 500pm
WHERE: CPAA, 2148 Bollinger Road, San Jose, California
WHO: Open to any member of the NCNF or public. Primary instructors will be Martin Nobida and Chad Goerzen, with Temuchin Lowe as a guest instructor.
PRICE: $35

For experienced naginata practitioners, the event will focus on basic technique, kata, sparring and tournament preparation. Many of naginata members will participate in the coming US Naginata Federation's national championships, seminar and exams in July, so this event will help in their preparation An instructor will be assigned to any new students or for members of the public who want to get an idea of what naginata is all about.

The day will end with the second annual Miyako Tanaka Sensei Memorial Embu, a chance for martial artists to perform for the late Tanaka sensei.