• Naginata Terminology--(External) A  pdf download by the Northern California Naginata Federation that includes an explanation of Naginata equipment, a glossary of terms, examples of basic kamae, or guards.
  • Introduction to Nagnata--(External) A pdf download of a book that serves as a general introduction to Naginata. The book was written by the All Japan Naginata Federation and is translated into English. 

Online Equipment Merchants

  • E-Bogu--Based in Southern Califormia. Great product and service. You almost cannot go wrong with this company.

  • Tozando--Based in Kyoto, Japan. Excellent service, products, and prices. I have done a lot of business with this company and have seldom been disappointed. Business can be done in English, with customer representatives extremely attentive and responsive to queries.

  • All Japan Budogu--Based in Kumamoto, Japan. Excellent service, with native speakers of English very responsive to queries and concerns. Prices based on the US dollar.