NCNF to Restart Annual Spring Seminar; Adds Tanaka Sensei Memorial Embu

The Northern California Naginata Federation will hold its 2016 NCNF Spring Seminar and Tanaka Sensei Memorial Embu on May 14 and May 15 at San Jose State University in SPX-178 (formerly called “the fencing room,” or SPX-89). The event restarts a long tradition begun under the late Miyako Tanaka Price of providing broad, yet deep training for locals interested in furthering or learning about the art of Naginata. The Tangoubukan will be closed that day.

The seminar portion of the event will span both Saturday and Sunday and will cover material from absolute fundamentals to sandan-level kata and bogu. It will also include a portion focusing on judging and refereeing for yudansha participants holding sandan or higher and a portion on ring-management for participants with lower rank. The seminar will culminate in a short mock tournament, where all participants get to put into practice everything they learned during the weekend.

This year’s event will close with a short Tanaka Sensei Memorial Embu, in which interested participants will perform various budo and bujutsu in her honor. Tanaka sensei was a driving force in spreading Naginata in Northern California and the world. All Naginata practitioners in this area are part of her legacy, so they are invited to participate.

Price for participating in the two-day event is a flat fee of $30.

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