Tangoubukan to Demonstrate at the Moon Festival at IPAC

The Tangoubukan on September 28 will demonstrate at this year's Moon Festival-China Day at the International Performing Arts Center (IPAC), also known as CPAA.

Instructors and senior students will do short demonstrations of shikake-oji (two-person forms) as well as jigeiko (sparring).

The Moon Festival is a two-day event. The first day's festivities will take place from 11 am to 1 pm at the Whole Foods Supermarket at 20955 Stevens Creek Blvd., in Cupertino. The second day's activities will be held at the IPAC, at 6148 Bollinger Road, in San Jose. The IPAC is located at the corner of Bollinger Road and Miller Avenue.

The naginata demonstrations are scheduled to be held around 1230 pm on Sept. 28 at IPAC.